Tracked Aerial Lift: Easy Lift Model 70-36AJ

This amazing new aerial lift, offers access to job sites that no other aerial lift can achieve.   Propelled by tracks, with a remote control, this machine can enter backyard gates, and commercial doorways, requiring a width of only 36 inches.  The 70-36AJ can be run on diesel power for outdoor use, and electric power for indoor use.  It has a working height of 70 feet, and the operator in the basket has air, electric, and water outlets. The basket can also be set up for use by 1 or 2 operators.  This lift is the only solution for many jobs that require access to hard to reach worksites.  

Coastal Timber Tree Service is making this lift available for applications in construction, property management, painting, tree removal/pruning, or any job that requires an aerial lift!

The Easy Lift is perfect for jobs where large boom lifts are just to bulky to get to the worksite.  It is only 3 feet wide, driven on tracks, and utilizes a remote control to drive the unit.  It can be driven through backyard fence gates, in narrow spaces, and even up stairs inside of large buildings.  The perfect solution for lifts needed in auditoriums, gymnasiums, malls, condominium complexes, airports, stadiums, and schools.  Whether it is an indoor or outdoor project, the Easy Lift offers the solution to the challenge of any worksite.


Coastal Timber Tree Service Aerial Lift

The lift is now being rented with an operator and FREE delivery! Daily, weekly, and monthly service is available.  Contact us about our flexible rentals!


Want to learn more? Download the info sheet about Coastal Timber’s compact tracked aerial lift.

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